Improv and Business

The people who make up your business have unique minds brimming with brilliant ideas, insights, and solutions. Their interactions power innovation. All it takes is a simple yet enlivening shift in the way everyone relates, listens, and cooperates.


What is improv?

Improv is a powerful hybrid of creativity and strategy built on collaboration. Participants play games that heed a set of rules designed to keep the question “What if?” front and center. Preconceptions about the outcome are thrown out so that every idea becomes a brick in the road to a brand new destination. New ideas are discovered together, based on everyone’s input. All team members are at the top of their games.

Improv and Your Business

An investment in improv training yields lasting results. Mixed Minds reactivates positive relationships and adds dynamic communication back into any group, no matter the size or setting.

Your team will:



Navigate change with flexibility and optimism

See more choices and opportunities

Move forward with shared vision