Mixed Minds at Work

Mixed Minds’ innovation training events are based on your goals. Perhaps you’re a new team or you’re starting a new project. Or relationships have grown stale. Maybe your team has to tackle a number of challenges in a short amount of time so everyone needs to be ready to play at peak performance.

Using improv “games” that establish imaginary circumstances (this is not group therapy or role-playing), Mixed Minds introduces and reinforces a new way of problem-solving that’s leaderless, inclusive, and playful. People have fun, so they relax, stop worrying about how they look, and pay closer attention. They collaborate without feeling compromised.

Curiosity replaces judgment, leading to exploration and big, new ideas.

Improv isn’t a free-for-all! The definition of any game requires rules. Solving a problem together without breaking the rules brings out group ingenuity.

Whatever the size of your team (from 2-200), the location (wide open space, tiny conference room, even a virtual meeting), or the schedule (a few hours, a full day, a multi-day retreat), Mixed Minds designs and delivers based on who you are, what you need, and when you need it.

The Mix Fix

Here’s how Mixed Minds has put improv to work:

Client: A foreign language school that conducts classes solely in the language being taught
Challenge: Strengthen native-speaking teachers, with varying degrees of English proficiency, in non-verbal communication skills in order to help convey the meaning of words and phrases.
Strategy: Mixed Minds conducted a workshop with 25 teachers packed with games that rely on expression, both physical and verbal, to communicate.
Results: Teachers refined their non-verbal skills to support their teaching goals and improve student achievement.

Client: An international financial institution
Challenge: Staff from countries around the globe convened in Washington for a multi-day strategic planning session. Most did not know each other and came to the meeting with diverse needs.
Strategy: Mixed Minds engaged the group of about 40 participants with collaboration games designed to initiate brainstorming, encourage an open mind, promote listening, and find common ground.
Result: A relaxed, trusting group emerged that successfully tackled a major, time-sensitive project.